The Wainwright family runs two trusts, one charitable, one non-charitable. The trusts are based on the family's traditions of liberal values and support for the socially disempowered. The trustees are all family members, based in West Yorkshire.


After a pause due to the Covid-19 pandemic, trustees are accepting applications again.
Their next meeting will be held near the end of September.
A following meeting is planned for the end of November.

The criteria for what each Wainwright trust will fund have not changed.

However, there is a new, temporary application procedure that will be used for both the September and November meetings.

All applications for these meetings will be considered in two stages:

  • Stage 1 - please submit the updated application form either for the SWC  HERE or for the AWRT HERE to register an interest in being considered for Stage 2. A full application is not required at this point.
  • Stage 2 - if trustees are interested in your proposal, they will ask you to submit a full application which should meet the detailed requirements explained in the How and when to apply section for the relevant trust.
    • the administrator will acknowledge receipt of your full application by email. If you don’t receive this acknowledgement, it’s likely your communication hasn’t been received and you are advised to contact the administrator again.
    • no further notification will be given, except to successful applicants. If you haven’t heard from the administrator by the end of September or November, as appropriate, you must assume your application was unsuccessful

For the meetings in September and November please ignore the application deadlines given in the How and when to apply section. The trusts wish to give you as much certainty as possible to enable you to plan your workflow and the following timetable will apply unless frustrated by further developments in the pandemic or government restrictions:

  • September meeting 2020
    • deadline for Stage 1 submissions – 21 August
    • invitations to submit in Stage 2 – 26 August
    • deadline for Stage 2 full applications – 4 September
  • November meeting 2020
    • deadline for Stage 1 submissions – 9 October
    • invitations to submit in Stage 2 – 14 October
    • deadline for Stage 2 full applications – 23 October

The SWC supports a wide range of charitable projects with an emphasis on social reform and tackling the root causes of social inequity. Trustees give priority to applicants working in the Yorkshire region, and also have an interest in southern Africa, particularly Zimbabwe. Find out more


The AWRT is not a charitable trust, but a non-profit-making limited company. This means the Trust prioritises grants for political and pressure group work that a registered charity could not support. The AWRT has a wide-ranging remit, striving for a just and democratic society, redressing political and social injustices. Find out more

Please note there are now application registration forms for both trusts

Founder Trustees
Richard Wainwright died on 16 January 2003. Click here for a catalogue of Richard’s papers.
Joyce Wainwright died on 4 February 2011. Click here for more details.
Roy Bhaskar died on 19 November 2014. Click here for Roy's obituary

Wrong Wainwright Trust? If you are looking for the The David Wainwright Equal Opportunity Development Trust,
which promotes equality of opportunity and diversity in the workplace, click here to go to their website.