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The Andrew Wainwright Reform Trust Ltd takes its name from Andrew Wainwright, a lifelong campaigner for radical reform who taught at Hlekweni rural training centre in Zimbabwe in 1970, a time when the movement for freedom and democracy was gathering strength. A small book of his diaries and letters from Hlekweni is available. He later campaigned for the freedom movements in South Africa, Mozambique and Guinea Bissau and other causes seeking improvements for those at disadvantage closer to home.

The Trust is a non-profit-making company limited by guarantee registered in England & Wales No 2608087

The Trust is run by five trustees, all members of the Wainwright family.

  • Hugh Scott (Chair), former solicitor and trustee of Manningham Housing Association
  • Hilary Wainwright, author, co-editor of Red Pepper and Fellow of the Transnational Institute
  • Martin Wainwright , former Northern Editor of The Guardian 
  • Penny Wainwright, author and museum trustee 
  • Tessa Wainwright, teacher of English as a foreign language 

Kerry McQuade is the Administrator for the Trust and the Scurrah Wainwright Charity.

The registered office is at Carlton House, Bull Close Lane, Halifax, West Yorkshire HX1 2EG

The Trust’s financial advisor and accountant is Peter Dyson of Bairstow & Atkinson, Halifax. 

Investment is managed by Close Brothers Asset Management.